Share and store your favorite places

What is IPlace
An application that allows you to create your own favorite places database that you can share with other users or have it stored locally only for you.

What IPlace can do
IPlace allows you to share places with other users
Navigate to places using Google maps
Supports various map views.
Can share your locations via email
It encrypts all your data with advanced technology.
Allows you to read information about the selected location
Supports two themes light and dark
It enables backup of your data

What IPlace permissions it requires for its operation
Location, approximate location (on network). accurate GPS and network location
Receive data from the Internet
View network connections
Full network access
Vibration control
Prevent the device from sleeping

Mission of the IPlace application
Help expand the database with as many interesting places as you would like to visit around the world.
Save your favorite places you want to visit in the future, if this is your private place that you don’t want to tell anyone to do not mark it as public, it will only be stored in your database.
You must add a photo to each place marked as public so that other users can see the place in all its glory.

Future versions
We’re still working on the app and moving it forward with each new version. Any idea that will benefit other users will be incorporated into the application, please feel free to contact us at iplace@apvnorge.no.

>>> You can download the app for free from Google Play <<<

>>> IPlace – Private Policy <<<

>>> You can download the app for free from Google Play <<<

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