Our Software products

QR Code Generator

Software for SK Payment QR Code 

Project Management

Software for Android phones, free for downloads

IPlace – Share and store your favorite places

Software for Android phones, free for downloads


Web traffic booster software for free

The first 20 registered users will receive a special license to be thanked for testing the application

Actual version:

Free Special license: 16

Total registered users: 5


Computer Tracking & Informations System for it proffesionals

CTS – Network Scanner

Actual version:

Network scanner with advance functions

CTS – Files & Directories Exporter

An application for listing the contents of directories and subdirectories


An application to display the IP address and computer name in the notification area, with the option of running remote support, such as TeamViewer.


An windows application for posting notes to android app Notes

Microsoft Exchange SAN UCC SSL

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