Remove Backup checkpoints from a Hyper-V VM

Get-VMSnapshot -ComputerName “MyHyperVHost” -VMName “VMWithLingeringBackupCheckpoint”

Get-VMSnapshot -ComputerName “MyHyperVHost” -VMName “VMWithLingeringBackupCheckpoint” | Remove-VMSnapshot

How to boot from ISO, Hyper-V Gen2

  • Create a Gen2 VM.
  • Create a vhdx and inserting (in creation process) the ISO file.
  • Try to boot the machine holding down the space bar (the machine not boot)
  • Turn off the machine
  • Edit the machine settings
  • Uncheck “Secure Boot”
  • Put the DVD in position 0 from the SCSI order.
  • Put VHDX in the position 1 from the SCSI order
  • The most important: Remove the network adapter.
  • Start the machine HOLDING DOWN THE SPACEBAR.
  • Install the OS.
  • After the OS installation, turn off the machine and recreate the network adapter (if you need that).

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