German government advises against using Kaspersky antivirus

Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security, BSI, is warning companies against using Kaspersky antivirus products due to threats made by Russia against the EU, NATO, and Germany.
Kaspersky is a Moscow-based cybersecurity and antivirus provider founded in 1997, that has a long history of success, but also controversy over the company’s possible relationship with the Russian government.
Kaspersky’s founder and CEO, Eugene Kaspersky, recently expressed a wish for “compromise” regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which sparked outrage on Twitter, with many rejecting the firm’s stance on the matter.
Kaspersky is also believed to offer its cybersecurity protection services to Russian state IT infrastructure, making it a concern that the company cannot stay completely neutral.BSI warns against using Kaspersky Today, the BSI is warning German companies to replace Kaspersky AV and any other products from the firm with alternative software from non-Russian vendors.

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